This is what you are saying about the Pelvic Floor Club programme

“Thank you for starting this Pelvic Floor Club- already, having not done much exercising, I am feeling the benefit and am determined to keep it up to prevent what I thought was an inevitable decline!” Jenny, Leeds

“I just love feeling in control, perfect! It makes sense to keep it up!” Lucy, Warwick

“Since doing the Pelvic Floor Club exercises, the heavy feeling I often have “down below” has gone and going to the loo is so much easier.” Samatha, South Wales

“It’s so helpful that we can fit the exercises in everyday life and don’t have to find specific times to do them.” Lexie, Cardiff

“These exercises have helped me feel confident after childbirth and will help me feel more reassured about recovering afterwards next time. The exercises are so easy to fit into a very busy day.” Moona, Bucks

“I feel that I have a healthier body that works!” Carolyn, Surrey

“Using the Diamond Ball has gotten rid of the vaginal heaviness I had been feeling for 8 years. The pelvic floor bulge I had towards the back totally went after the 3rd day of exercise. Now 3 times a week has maintained the benefit. It’s amazing. Thank you.” Karen, US

“Having a reminder of the exercises is really useful and I am encouraged to build them into my daily routine.” Kate, Windsor

“I have just had my first pad free day thanks to the exercises and my lower back has been much less painful.” Anya Berks